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Below you will find a listing on various weapons and equipment which have been broken down into four major categories (Primary, Secondary, Equipment, and Other). Within each category are several subcategories which cover everything you can think of from Assault Rifles to Machine Pistols, Axes, Revolvers, Clubs, and even Tactical Vests and Scopes.

Weapon reviews generally take a long time to write and develop since we here at Zombie Crisis like to run extensive field tests and research on every weapon we review so that you are best informed and able to make a confident decision when the time comes to pick your zombie destroying instrument. Because of this, you may not see a particular weapon you are interested in for quite some time. If you have a favorite weapon that you would like us to review, feel free to send us an e-mail detailing your request.

Select a Category

A rifle is a firearm that has a barrel with a series of grooves (rifling) cut into its walls. This rifling causes the fired projectile to spiral as it leaves the barrel increasing accuracy and range.
A shotgun is a firearm which fires shells filled with small pellets called shot, or a solid projectile called a slug. Shot shells allow a shotgun to impact damage over a wide area than that of a standard bullet.
Submachine Guns
A submachine gun is an automatic firearm designed to fire a pistol cartridge. They combine the fire rate of a machine gun with the control and power of a pistol cartridge. Most submachine guns are smaller than standard rifles.
Machine Guns
A machine gun is a fully automatic firearm designed to fire bullets in rapid succession typically from a high capacity magazine or an ammunition belt.

A handgun is a firearm that is designed to be fired by one hand. Handguns typically use short, high caliber cartridges, designed to minimize recoil.
Light Arms
Light arms are ranged weapons that require human power to launch kinetic projectiles such as Bows and slingshots. What light arms lose in power, they make up for in simplicity.
Edged Melee Weapons
Edged melee weapons are close ranged weapons with some form of sharpened edge. Melee weapons require direct contact with the intended target.
Blunt Melee Weapons
Blunt melee weapons are close range weapons that use mass to bludgeon or maim. melee weapons require direct contact with the intended target.

A sight is an optical device used to assist aim by guiding the eye and aligning it with the weapon. Sights come in many forms each with its own unique purpose.
Gear and Clothing
Your choice gear and clothing is important. Clothing shields your body from the elements and can even help prevent bite.
Accessories are supplementary components that improve capability of an existing item. Accessories can also be small items that perform a specific task.

A launcher is a device designed to propel a projectile further than a person could by hand. Launchers are capable of launching a number of different projectiles from grenades to rockets.
Explosives are substances that can produce a sudden expansion of material usually in the form of light, heat, and pressure. Explosives can be used as tools or weapons.


All weapons are scored based on five common factors shared by all weapons. The scores are then averaged, resulting in the final overall score for the weapon. For a more in-depth review of how we score weapons, please refer to ourscoring chart.

All weapons are scored within their own category. Please do not compare a Primary weapon to a Secondary or vice versa.

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